6 Water Sports you Must Try once in your Life

Ann Hawkins is a traveller, adventurer and a water surfer. She writes about her adventurous experiences and is associated with https://bboffroad.com.au/ and http://finbin.net/

For some people, playing around in water is the best way to beat the blues and boost up the overall mood. It may seem like a quick means of recreation to someone and it may mean bringing new challenges to others.

If you’re looking for some sort of rebound, we have enlisted 6 water sports that will definitely give you crazy chills. They will help you explore the beauty of nature in a thrilling way. You will feel contentment, tranquility, lively and so much more.

1. Surfing:

Surfing is basically a water sport where the surfers catch and ride waves while they hop on their surfboard. Experts can catch the waves which are as tall as 12m which totally depends on their capability. Surfers also perform various tricks while they are catching, passing or cutting around the high waves.

You need to be physically fit and be a good swimmer to be an expert in surfing. Even better, if you know how to swim between the sea waves. Before starting it, you need to take a course for it where you will be learning about the various techniques like riding and paddling.

2. Freediving:

Freediving involves holding your breath and staying under the surface of water. The diver’s holding capacity is accounted without the use of any breathing apparatus. Freediving is no more a necessary sport but is now considered as a means of recreation. There are a lot of free diving activities like spearfishing, underwater football, snorkeling as well as freediving photography.

There are various types of freediving like constant weight freediving, free immersion freediving, variable weight freediving and no limit freediving.

No matter how interesting this may sound, it is very risky too if you go much into the depth of the water. You don’t just have to go much deeper into the water but you also have to come up on the surface. So, ensure that you do it properly.

3. Rafting:

Rafting is very fun, adventurous and a recreational water activity at the same time. Riding amongst the beautiful rivers with your loved ones is something that stays in your mind forever.

Rafting is a great way to exercise too. Continuous paddling, maintaining balance and making sure that no obstacle comes in the way requires a lot of physical effort. What’s better way of exercising than indulging in a fun sport.

4. Snorkelling:

Snorkelling is a great way to explore the beauty of the nature below the surface of the ocean. It is a fascinating and vibrant world down there where you can view the aquatic creatures and coral life in their natural habitat without scaring them of.

This is very peaceful and calming experience which is definitely going to create some divine memories for life. It helps to ease off any stress, pain or any other obstacles that you’re going through in everyday life.

Other than that, snorkelling also enhances breathing, boosts up your mood, helps you in being fit and feels very soft on the body.

5. Parasailing:

Enjoy the delightful sights of the seas or the beaches when you’re parasailing. You can feel the sea breeze all over your face and the wind blowing off your hair. You can observe the little creatures and people who are at the beach.

In this sport, a person’s parasail is pulled to another vehicle with the help of a harness. It is magnificent to watch the deep blue sea just below you when you’re up in the air. It’s main purpose is to enjoy it as you don’t need any training for it. The experts are there to assist you.

6. Wakeboarding:

Wakeboarding is like skiing in water but other than two boards, you just have one. When you’re standing on the board, a boat pulls you and the whole experience is extraordinarily phenomenal.

Gradually, the board starts flipping you across the air and getting you back on the surface of the water.

What are you waiting for now? Don’t miss out on these amazing water sports! Life doesn’t happen twice so make the most of it.

Photo credit: Josh Trommel, Vancouver BC